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Powder Coating Service

The powder coating services at CoatingTech LLC. are set up for maximum versatility. Using efficient electrostatic spray guns operated by experienced craftsmen we can coat everything from small components to large industrial equipment parts. Powder coating provides a very durable, corrosion resistant finish to any conductive metal and is available in a wide array of finishes and textures. Vibrant candy colors, Military Spec, and metallic powders can be used in smooth and textured finishes to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Prior to powder coating, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and masked per instructions. A properly prepared substrate is essential to achieve a durable finish with proper coating adhesion. After coating, parts are cured in a tightly controlled high-capacity oven. Standard material testing such as pencil hardness and adhesion testing can be performed in-house according to customer specifications. We provide pick-up and delivery to customers in the Southeastern region of Pennsylvania. For convenience customers may have their production parts shipped directly to us for storage prior to powder coating. For more information about our powder coating services please contact us directly.


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Powder Coater With Expertise

Coating Tech always steps up to the challenge and we have faced many over the years. A metal part completely free of all impurities and oils will provide the best surface for powder coating. So we invest the time required to properly prepare the items to be coated. We use the RAL color matching system when our clients ask us to suggest a color match.

Burn Off Services

We have one of the largest burnoff ovens in the area with interior dimension of 72”wx96”dx72”h. The high temperature of this oven bakes off materials such as varnish, paint, oil, and plastic from durable metals. Our oven has the ability to clean aluminum, steel and iron. Materials burn off and are either vaporized or remain as ash.

Once cool enough parts are removed from the oven and residue is efficiently and economically cleaned from the workpieces. Workpieces are, as in the case of powder coat hooks and hangers, ready for reuse whereas other parts are moved to the next stage of the cleaning and stripping process.