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Although CoatingTech LLC was established officially in 2015, John Wasserman has been the region’s expert in powder coating for job shop and equipment manufacturers since 1993. Today John is the general manager of CoatingTech in Montgomeryville PA operating out of a large facility in the Park Drive Industrial complex. The team is totally committed to customer satisfaction, always delivering high quality coatings in a fraction of the time offered by other powder coating shops in Montgomery County, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley.

Every job is unique to us. It all starts with getting your specifications correct during the estimating process. Once the job goes live, surface preparation and pretreating your metal pieces properly becomes step 1. The surface must be entirely free from dust, rust, oils and anything that may inhibit good adhesion of the powder pigments we will be using. Sandblasting, chemical treatments and baking are just a few processes we use to remove contaminants. We have extensive experience in complex masking. It is important we know what areas do not get powder coated. There may be other processes required after your part leaves our facility. Bring us into the loop on what happens next in your supply chain.

John Wasserman

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