Powder Coating Services

We are a local powder coating service that can handle almost any project you send our way. We use electrostatic powder coating techniques that have stood the test of time. Powder Coating is a durable, cost-effective coating option for most metal items. It offers many advantages over traditional liquid enamel or acrylic finishes.

Chemical Washing for Metal Parts

Chemical Washing removes surface contaminants such as fine dusts and oil compounds that would reduce paint adhesion and performance. We use environmentally safe, phosphate pre-treatment solutions that are EPA compliant and safe. Parts that contain higher concentrations of hydrocarbons and grease will, most likely, require solvent cleaning. All jobs are required to be thoroughly dried following cleaning and this is a distinct step in our process.

Industrial Powder Coating Services

Older parts that require a fresh coat of powder coating may require our burn off services to remove old paint, coatings and corrosives before we move onto the chemical washing process. We can effectively increase the lifespan of your industrial equipment and steelwork with a fresh coat of reliable powder coating. Our industrial clients and equipment manufacturers choose CoatingTech because we are consistent with our coating quality, color matching and turnaround times.

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